Thursday, October 4, 2012

Park Fun and Stuff

It's October now. The high today was 103. Ick. But....the evenings aren't super horrible. In fact, we've gone to the park a handful of times in the past couple weeks. David and I bought a soccer ball, volleyball, and a frisbee at Target one night while Amber and Jade were at Activity Days. Jade promptly kicked the volleyball over our neighbor's fence (who happen to be in Montana for who knows how long....) so all we could bring was the soccer ball and frisbee.


Shyla is officially a toddler. At nine months and 3 days. Yup. She very rarely crawls anywhere no matter how many tries it takes her to walk there. =) And.....she quickly figured out climbing. Yay....


Finished Amber's Halloween costume. She's the Mad Hatter! Her jacket is a real jacket for fall/winter and should fit her for several years as I made it a misses size 4. Isn't she cute?? Gonna make her hair super frizzy for the big day!

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