Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Fun Baby Things

I haven't been able to buy these yet...but I will shortly. Hopefully before they're sold out. Haha. I like the pattern cause it's neutral. I don't want to buy really girly baby gear just in case someday down the road I have a baby boy (wishful thinking - right?). So I'm being ultra practical and buying things that can go either way. Other than the bedding. Obviously. =)

I also like them cause they're Graco and in my opinion, you can never go wrong with Graco. They're the bestest. Especially cause Graco carseats are the only ones (to my knowledge anyways!) with the seatbelt hooks in case you don't have the base with you. And I like the playard cause it's smaller than the average one. So it can fit through doorways while it's set up. And won't take up too much room at people's houses or hotels or wherever I happen to be. Plus it has a removeable bassinet.

PS - Until I either find my poor lost camera or save up enough to replace it....this is the kind of boring posts you can look forward to. Hooray! =)


taylors said...

I like those pics. You can ALWAYS dress it up with girly blankets! I LOVE graco! We ended up just having to buy the most expensive car seat for Isaac because the carrier can go up to 32in long. He was out of the first car seat in like 4 months. He grew so long that most carriers wouldn't carry him. :( I was hoping to prolong that purchases. Now...if you are hoping to have more kids it might be more practical to buy that baby trend carrier holder and then later a really nice umbrella stroller because you will probably need a double....just a thought!

Tai said...

So have we decided on you having a baby shower yet? Do I just need to take initiative and throw one for you????

Anonymous said...

I totally posted on the wrong blog last time. :P I'm sorry you lost your camera, did you look in your car and the girls' room? You could borrow my old one for awhile if need be. I use Chris' so just let me know. :P