Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Updates...But No Pictures

I'm still cameraless, so if you don't want to be bored by my talking, then you probably won't continue reading this post. Sorry!
This last weekend, the girls and I had a TON of fun! We started on Thursday. First, I took Amber and Jade to their well-check appointments. Thankfully, neither one needed any shots. Hooray! Amber is 52in tall and 45lbs. Jade is 44in tall and weighs 32lbs. They are both extremely healthy little girls and Jade is good to go for Kindergarten registration. After their appointments, we headed to Roma's to say "Hey" for a little while before going out to Zach and Tai's. The girls had a blast playing with their cousins and I had fun visiting with Tai. We had Pizza Hut for dinner and pancakes for breakfast in the morning. Oh, can I just say how upset I was/am about the Grey's Anatomy finale??? Grrrrr!!! Something great had better happen right away when the next season starts. That's all I can say. Anyways, Friday morning the girls and I met up with my dad and Jami and we drove up to their cabin. SOOOOO much fun! The creek had water in it and a little pond at the end of my dad's property. Just deep enough for the girls to splash around in and not deep enough for me to worry about them. Amber and Jade had such a great time! I pretty much gave them free range and they loved it! I had fun catching up with my dad and Jami and we all had fun painting rocks. I know this sounds boring...but it's really not. My dad brought his camera and I took some pictures with it, but then it ran out of batteries. And he hasn't sent me the pics yet....but when he does, I'll post them. We didn't get back home until 10:30pm Sunday night. And since I'm such a nice Mom, I let Amber sleep in till 8:30 Monday morning. She then showered, finished her homework (we forgot to work on it at the cabin!) and went to school. Tomorrow is the last day of school and she has an awards ceremony in the morning. Too bad I don't have a camera! Oh well. I'll definately get one before Paisley's born!
David is due home sometime Saturday. He doesn't know if he's going to drive straight through Friday night and get here early early, or if he'll stop and stay the night and get here in the afternoon. It all depends on when he gets released from his training. We can't wait to see him! I think we're gonna try to take the girls to see The Night At The Museum this weekend. Either Saturday or Monday. We'll see how it works out. For now, I'm keeping them in the dark about it.
I got my first paycheck from U-Haul today. A whopping $35! Woohoo! But that was just for one day of training/downloading. I won't get paid again for a few weeks since I officially start my training on Memorial Day.
And I've been working on Paisley's room. I repainted a turning shelf that was in Jade's old room. It's now black. And I painted an old dresser to match. I even got new hardware for the dresser and drilled new holes for it and everything. I'm putting away her clothes tomorrow, vaccuuming, and putting my rocking chair in there. Then all that will be left is new curtains and a crib. I'm making the crib skirt. I decided on layers and layers of tulle. Dark hot pink will be the bottom few layers. And I'll use white on the top and gather it vertically in intervals so it drapes (like Belle's yellow dress...sorta). It'll be way cute. When I finish it, and have a camera, I'll take pictures.
Okay...I think this post is long enough now. Good-night! =)


Bowman-Blog said...

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! Glad you had fun!

ballerina girl said...

Sounds like fun! Did you end up going to the movie? I was thinking of taking my boys because they loved the first one.