Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

So, David's out of town. He left Friday for San Antonio. He'll be gone until Memorial Day Weekend. Since he left, all I've heard from Amber is about how great Daddy is and how Daddy lets her do anything she wants and Daddy is more funner than Mom is and la la la la la. Well, yesterday for Mother's Day, she actually quit whining about everything! It was great. The girls let me sleep in till 8:30 when I got up on my own. They had already eaten breakfast though and weren't hungry for the waffles I had planned on making. So I had a yogurt. We did basically nothing till about 10:30 when I told them they could have a donut and get ready for church. Amber was all smiles and said, "Daddy would never let us have a donut for lunch!" I tried to remind Amber that they'd been having snacks all morning and wouldn't eat a real lunch right now anyways, but she wasn't listening. So then the dress drama began. Both Amber and Jade put on dresses they wore last week. I told them to go change. Jade changed without an issue. Amber threw herself on the floor and slammed her door. She then came out in a winter dress. Again, I told her to change it. Again, she threw herself on the flooring screaming and slammed her door. And again, she came out in a winter dress. Oh my gosh. So her 4th try she finally came out in an appropriate dress, I got her hair fixed and we made it to church before the opening song was done. I had to substitute as the singing lady in Primary. Boy, that's fun. Ha. But I made it through and we left to go home. I made terriyaki chicken, rice, zuccini, and fresh pineapple for dinner. And for once, both girls ate without complaining or fighting or running around the house. Yea! We spent the evening with me painting a shelf in the garage and the girls playing in the front yard. I even got a sweet email from my sweetie-pie. I love being a mom!


Anonymous said...

you love it and you seem to be AMAZING at it.

I hope to pick up some great parenting skills from you before I have my own little one and just hope to be half as good as a mom.

If I can tone my mouth down I think Ill be okay. :P

Im glad you had a great day, I wish we could've hung out this weekend. Maybe next weekend since you're going to see your dad this one.

Like I said, if you want my camera for your trip you can use it. It takes double a batteries and has a 2g memory stick.

Bowman-Blog said...

Ahh, all part of being mom
! My day wasn't much better. Played organ, gave a talk in church, taught YW, and spent over 4 hours on my feet cooking for dinner guests. I was SOOO glad for bedtime!

Tai said...

sounds like an eventful day!!! I had a dream you found your camera....any luck yet?