Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friend's Birthday Party

We just got back from our neighbor's birthday party. Jovani is a friend of the girls' and he just turned 7. It was a Star Wars themed party and the invitation said to come dressed as your favorite Star Wars character. So I planned on dressing Amber as Princess Leia and Jade as Padme. David decided he was going to dress up as Anakin and made a great costume using an old jacket and his graduation robe. He even wore a glove on one hand a we got him a light saber for $9 at Walmart. Then he decided that I was going to dress up, too. And since I have absolutely nothing to use as a costume, he bought 2 $3 sheets and made me a Jedi robe. Without a pattern. He cut and sewed all the pieces. Back, 2 sides, sleeves, and a hood. I ended up having to attach the hood due to David having to go help set up at the neighbors. All in all, our costumes turned out awesome and we'll definately be using them for Halloween this year. Now I have to figure out what to dress Paisley as.....
Enjoy the pictures! =)

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Mandy said...

wow! very talented hubby! Aj says he can sew- but we have yet to see evidence of that!