Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paisley's Room and Other Fun Pictures

So Paisley's room is just about finished. Just have to hang up her chandeliers my step-mom got for her and put a changing pad on her changing table. Other than that, it's ready for her to move in! She won't actually sleep in there for a few weeks....not till we get a sleeping schedule down. Until then, she'll be in my room sleeping in a bassinet. But at least her room is ready. =)

Around the room in 4 pictures. =) The small dresser by the crib is the changing table. It just needs the pad on top and diaper supplies in the drawers.

These chandeliers will hang in the corner above the rocker. They're so pretty!

Pretty odds and ends in the room. The pettiskirt was made by my talented Aunt Roma and the nursing cover by David's sweet Aunt Kenon. =)


Mandy said...

wow very posh!!! she's stylin' and she doesn't even know it yet! what do your girls think?- check that- what are THEIR rooms like!

Christy said...

Your little baby is sure livin' large! I'm so excited for you. I want my room to be that cute. maybe there's a future in decorating for you.

Bowman-Blog said...

I can't wait for the pictures! I want to see this little person!

Reiko said...

ready or not shes coming tomorrow!!!