Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paisley News

A few weeks back, my wonderfully sweet step-mom and Dad bought me a crib. It had to be ordered in the right color, so it took several weeks, but it's here!!! My dad and Jami came a spent the afternoon with us on Sunday. The crib got set up, we had dinner and cheesecake for dessert, and I got to open some baby presents since Jami won't be able to come to my shower on Saturday. She got me a bunch of really nice stuff...a really soft blanket, a cute outfit, some hairbows, a binky clip, some wall plaques, a really pretty nightlight, and 2 chandeliers! Wow! Paisley is going to be one spoiled little girl! Her room is all set up except for the chandeliers. We don't have any hooks yet....but they will be hung shortly.

I went to my 36 week checkup yesterday and Paisley's still breach. She ain't flippin. She tried a week or so ago and got stuck. Man that hurt! She's just too long at this point. So I have to go in again on Monday and my doctor will schedule me for a C-section. Hopefully on Aug 1st. So next Saturday I could have a brand-new baby to love!

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ballerina girl said...

What a beautiful crib! I can't believe that your baby is almost here, you look fantastic btw!