Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time To Celebrate!!!

As you can see.....I FINALLY got a new camera!!! Hooray!!! David finally ran out of things that had to be purchased before I could get a camera. So this weekend while we were in Sierra Vista, I went to Best Buy and bought myself a nice new camera. It's a Samsung something. It was $140 with tax and has all the features I needed. The internal memory sucks, but luckily I have 5 2G SD cards that are a perfect match for it here at home. I popped one in and it apparently holds like 950 pictures. Coolness! So here's a few pictures from this evening. =)Here's my sweet little babies I keep talking about.... The orange guy is Milo and the grey girl is Tiny. Milo is my personal favorite. =)
Here's my girls with their best friends who live across the street from us. This little $12 pool has been a life saver this summer!
Here's David being annoyed with me for taking pictures with my new camera. Heaven forbid I use the thing! Hahahaha! Love you, Davey!


Bowman-Blog said...

Nice to see some pics again! How about you and your belly?

Mandy said...

I agree! we want to see some prego picts!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady,
I hope you had a great week off. Im excited about the next week of events that my husband has planned and excited not to already be back at work.

Hope you had a wonderful fourth. Loves ya!