Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Times....Not!

Yesterday David decided to show me just how weird his sense of humor is. He pulled out his handcuffs and put them on me. And made me wear them through church. Luckily they were both on one wrist, but it was still awkward. I say he made me cause I didn't have access to the key and I'm not about to cause a big scene at church. So yes, I probably could have wrestled for the key or broken down crying or screamed at him, but I would have gotten even more stares. So I just kept my mouth shut. When we got home, he tricked me into letting him put one on the other wrist. And wouldn't take them off until I was done baking bread and getting an after church snack. Mean! So here's some pictures of me pouting and the dumb handcuffs. David found it hilarious....I didn't.
Haha! I'm a really good pouter....
FREEDOM!!!! Hahaha! =)
This is the finished portion of Paisley's room. David also painted a small dresser black for me to use as a changing table. But it's under the window that has no curtains yet, so no picture yet. My stepmom Jami bought me a crib, but it's still in the process of being delivered.
Sorry no real prego pics today. Maybe next time. Or maybe not.....=)


Mandy said...

that is quite a trick- I shouldn't tell that one to AJ! cute room so far!

Christy said...

You look so great. I can't believe you're prego. You're just way fabulous like that I guess.