Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I don't know what my problem has been lately....but I think I've come down with a major case of laziness. I have so many things and projects to work on, but absolutely no desire to do them. Blah. Well, I'm officially forcing myself to get off my butt and get caught up on things. First, Paisley made it through the chickenpox like a trooper. No random, unexplained crankiness, no fevers, no loss of appetite or extra sleepiness....nothing. Just some spots that scabbed over and are gone now. And as the spots disapeared, 2 new little spots appeared in her mouth. That's right - Paisley's got teeth! And she didn't even complain about those coming in either! What a good baby!She's sooo happy! Can you see her little tiny teeth??
She's happy cause she knows she's about to be fed. It's her favorite time of day. But she's still around 20% for weight, so let her eat!

For the rest of the things I've actually gotten done, I have no pictures cause I was too lazy to go get the camera from the other room and take a stinkin picture. I will get around to it....maybe tomorrow. Or not. Amber and Jade's room has been painted. I (and my Dad and Jami) painted it a nice creamy yellow. Pale enough to be deemed a neutral color by the home owner (this means we don't have to paint it back to white before we move!). Yellow enough to satisfy my need for color. Their old blue desk has been painted a fresh apple green along with an old shelf of mine. Pictures and curtains have been hung and their room is DONE. For now anyways. Eventually I'll get them matching bedspreads....but that'll have to be pretty far in the future. There's too many other things higher up on the priorities list.
Paisley's room is also done. I didn't paint hers cause the white was still white and not grungy like the girls' room was. I did buy her very nice and heavy energy-saving curtains in black with pink sheers to go underneath. And I also convinced David to hang her chandeliers up. Her room is very girly and pink. =)
I promised Jade a new dress a month ago and finally got around to starting it today. I got most of it done....only have the sleeves and buttons left....and would have finished but Paisley needed her mom today. I really need to start on Amber's baptism dress as she's being baptized on the 6th of Feb. But I figure I have all next week and it's really not that hard of a dress. So tomorrow I shall finish Jade's and maybe get Amber's cut out.
That's pretty much it. Amber turns 8 on Friday and she's having a party on Saturday. She's being baptized next Saturday and I want to have the living room painted before then. So I guess no more lazies for me. At least for the next 2 weeks anyways.....

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You have a blog?! ok, seriously, how did I not know you have a blog!? Thanks for leaving me a message. I'll be adding you next time I fix my background!