Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chickenpox Baby

Yes. The title does in fact tell you exactly what this post is about. Poor baby Paisley has the chickenpox. Luckily, she has had no fever and doesn't seem to even notice at all. She continues to be the happiest person in the family (until about 4-4:30pm that is!) and I must say her little spots are quite cute. =) So far she has 5 on her head, 1 on her neck, 4 on her belly, one on her hip, and 2 on her thighs. I'm still nursing though so I figure my antibodies will help her little self fight of the evil chickenpox-ness (it's totally a word!). You can see 3 on the top of her belly by her ribs.

And on this one you can see just a few on her head and the other on her belly at the edge of the picture. Her neck spot is hidden under her chin rolls.

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Lani said...

Poor little girl, glad she's still happy!