Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Pictures of My "Chickenspot" Baby

Poor Paisley has broken out with more and more spots these last few days. She still doesn't seem to mind at all; her temperment and appetite haven't changed and she hasn't had a fever either. But since she keeps getting more spots, I've been confined to the house with her. I can't even walk the girls to school. David came home early today though so I was able to meet them at the stop sign. They were happy about that. =)Please excuse the food all over her. She just ate. Oh, I got her smiling cause Amber's making faces at her. Paisley really really loves Amber. She thinks her biggest sister is hilarious. =)
Don't you just love her cute diaper??? I do!!

Amber has really enjoyed having empty boxes around the house. I really like this "barn" she made. Notice the window with curtains. And if you're wondering what the thing on top is, it's a satellite dish. "Just like our house!" I love her creativity!

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Roma Li Wakamatsu Morgan said...

Awwwwww! sweet disposition! I love the diaper too!!