Saturday, January 9, 2010

The First of 2010 Pics

Finally bought a highchair. It's nothing was $35 at Walmart. But it's not a jumper so Paisley can't bounce excitedly while I'm trying to feed her. And don't let her fool you with the bottle. I filled it Monday and the picture was taken today (Saturday). I've tried every day this week to get her to drink it and she refuses. See how her mouth is wide open? She's playing.

What is it that happens the nanosecond before the shutter is pressed to take a picture of my smiling baby? I look at her, she smiles, I take the picture, and this is what I get. Hmmmm....

Sweet Baby Paisley being a ham

Snuggling her elephant

Umm...Thanks Amber! =)

Amber decorating the dollhouse

The playroom

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Tera Amsbury said...

amber looks like a menonite in that outfit. teehee.