Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes I Impress Myself

Look! Two days in a row! And I've actually accomplished a few things today as well! Woohoo! Just don't expect this to keep happening.... I probably won't post anything tomorrow. Today my 3yr old niece Celeste came over to stay with us till Friday. She's a happy cheerful little thing and Amber and Jade enjoy playing with her. The girls were still at school when Celeste got here and she really wanted to play in the backyard but I told her she had to wait till Amber and Jade came home from school. So the second they walked through the door, she was on them and begging to go outside. I convinced the girls it would be fun to go out and play and they did have fun until I came outside, took a few pictures, asked what they were playing, and then all the sudden it wasn't fun anymore. Yeah....I'm the "Fun Destroyer" (that's what Amber called me today).Here's Jade listening for danger while Amber fights a bad-guy

Now Amber's showing me her "talkie-thingy" while Jade's blasting a bad-guy with her cool laser

Looks like Amber's got the bad-guy all tied up!

This has nothing to do with playing "Spy", I just thought it was too cute not to add. She's literally climbing over my shoulder to get to David and the chocolate bar! Cute kid.

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Em said...

i Love her eating the chocolate! That is so cute! Definitely a girl going after the chocolate. My baby gril goes crazy if we take a treat away from her. she can throw a mighty fit. So funny.

It is fun to see your blog and see your cute kids and everything. I haven't seen you in forever!