Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cabin Fun

We had such a great relaxing weekend up at my Dad's cabin! After meeting up with Jami and Van on Friday afternoon, a 2 hour drive north, and a couple short stops, we poured out of the cars and all helped unload. Amber, Jade and Van took off to run wild while the "responsible" adults got things put away and ready for the evening. We were only able to stay until Saturday evening as I had to play piano in church for the Primary kids to sing to their dads today. But we still managed to have plenty of fun! On Saturday, the kids all enjoyed playing in the creek, painting rocks, and riding the quads. David taught Amber and Jade how to drive themselves and WOW! They're quite good at it! I took a ride with Amber driving and I didn't have to do a thing (but I did keep my foot hovering over the brake - just in case!) but sit and relax. It was a bit strange being there without my dad. I really missed him a whole lot. I'm kind of glad we didn't end up staying the extra night. I think the shortness of the trip helped me deal with being there without him this first time. Maybe it'll be a little easier next time we go up. That's my hope anyways. We stopped in Payson for some Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. Paisley was a monster the whole way up and back....but was pretty good the rest of the time. By the time we got home (almost 10 last night!), all three kiddos were sound asleep. And we ALL slept in this morning and didn't have time to make David a special Father's Day breakfast! Oh well! The girls and I are making steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and cookies for him instead.

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Glenene said...

Good to see that you had a good time up there. It's so pretty!! We got to stay there last August on our way to Pinetop for Jill and Tommy's open house.
Love you and thinking of you!