Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Near Tragedy

My poor beloved camera broke this past weekend. After getting stuck in a recliner's hinge, being dropped 100+ times and drooled on by the monster baby, my beautiful camera called it quits Sunday. All it did was make a weird whirring sound as it attempted to open, stop midway, and freeze. No picture, no nothing. Wouldn't even turn off without having the battery yanked out. (The pic is after David tried to "fix" it. lol) *sigh* What to do?? I'm taking the girls to Virginia next Tuesday to see my mom and Kevin. And you KNOW there's NO WAY I'm going across the country without a camera! So - luckily David's paycheck was decent this time around and after much research, I found a replacement camera. Let me tell ya about it. It's waterproof to 10ft. Shock proof up to a 5ft "drop". Dust proof and freeze proof (though here in Az it seems unlikely I'll need that last feature). And $200 was the cheapest I could find it ANYWHERE! But.....I found it on amazon for $148 early Tuesday morning! Woohoo! And got it TODAY! Wow that was fast!! I finally took a video of Paisley walking. She's been getting steadily better over the past month or so. She now prefers it over crawling most of the time. The video is short, and a little crappy, and my house is a mess. But I don't freakin care! After dinner I took the girls swimming. Well - I let them swim while I finished cleaning the pool. And right as I was about to dive in, my visiting teachers walk through the back gate! lol I totally forgot they were coming! Luckily, after standing at the front door for a few minutes, they heard our noise and came back to investigate! During their visit, Amber had fun playing with the new camera in the pool and got some fun pictures. So - YAY for a broken camera and a new one to replace it! Hahaha!

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ballerina girl said...

What a cool find! I can't wait to see a bunch of underwater pics!