Friday, June 11, 2010

More Dresses

I bought pretty yellow/green stripey fabric for summer dresses back in March or April. Maybe even sooner. Not really sure.... Ummm - I never got around to actually making them. I'm thinking I was a little burnt out after Jade's princess dresses and then Easter dresses. That's what I'm gonna stick with. And we'll just not mention my laziness - okay? Okay. Anyways, since we're headed to Virginia in 2 1/2
weeks (Eeeeeeee!!!) I figured I should finally make the darn dresses. And I'm glad I did! I think they turned out quite well. I didn't really follow a pattern for Amber and Jade's dresses. The pattern I used has buttons down the front and puff sleeves. I didn't want them I altered the pattern differently for both. I know you can't tell very well, but Amber's straps criss-cross in the back. I'm thinking of adding a green ribbon sash around the waist on hers. Or green pockets. I really adore pockets on dresses btw. Jade's has ties on the sides and I'll either add pockets to hers too, or maybe green lace on the bottom and neckline. Not sure. I have a trip to Joann's planned on Monday and I guess I'll just see what they have. Paisley's fabric came from one of David's old shirts he was throwing away. I saved it from the trash pile, cut it up, and found coordinating fabric. I LOVE how her dress turned out! LOVE IT!!! I think it's one of the cutest dresses I have ever made ever. EVER! I have a couple more cute things for Pie to make, and maybe another dress for Amber and Jade....maybe. I still have a pesky quilt calling my name I should pull out of the closet and finish. I'm on a roll so I'd better not stop till my projects are done!

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ballerina girl said...

Wow, you are a talented seamstress! Those dresses are adorable, way to go!