Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I tried to upload my pics from Christmas Eve/Day to create a slideshow....buuuuut my computer is retarded and won't let me. So if you want to see ALL of them, you can go find me on facebook. And IF you're my friend, I'll let you look at them. lol Shelley's family came and spent Christmas Eve/Day with us. We had so much fun recreating our childhood Christmas! After dinner we read "The Night Before Christmas" Robertson syle (by replacing choice nouns in the book with funny new ones drawn out of a tin!). This is the first time my kids and Shelley's family has done this so it was quite fun to see their reactions to the new nouns. ("the dirty diapers were hung on the chimney with care....haha) After that, we went into the living room and everyone got to choose their favorite Christmas song to sing - youngest to oldest. And I was forced to stumble through one song after the other. It was baaaaad.
While singing, we had a mysterious knock on the door and found Christmas PJ's!!! The kiddos all ran and changed, we sang a few more songs, tried to take pictures of the kids (the babies were soooooo tired!), put the cranky babies to bed, and popped in Claymation Christmas. Then after setting out the stockings, cookies, and hot choc for Santa, the three oldest girlies were sent to sleep in Jade and Paisley's room. Fun time for grownups!!! hehe I frantically finished the girls' skirts (I enlisted Shelley to do the gathering and seam trimming.....I'm nice - I know) while David assembled Pie's stroller. We woke the next morning to find that Santa had indeed visited our home and left some wonderful gifts for us to find - including my cell phone and camera! No, not new ones. The ones I've been using for awhile now.... Umm, thanks Santa? We also discovered that poor Celeste puked sometime during the night and slept in it. And Paisley walked through it to get out of the room. Special. A quick clean-up later (thanks Dave!) and we were ready to open presents!

Everyone got what they wanted and happily played with their loot while Shelley and I made rolls for dinner.

We headed to Jami's once everyone was dressed and clean. Dinner was delicious! Ham, potatoes, rolls, green beans, jello salads, broccoli rice, veggies, pies....Fabulous!

And after a short recess/clean-up, we had more presents to open!

We all had such a great time together! Thanks for coming up, Shell! And thanks for having us over, Jami! Enjoy the pics I chose to post..... =)

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Allison and Mason: said...

Haha! Sounds like you had a good Christmas! I love the way you write. It makes me laugh. Maybe you need to have a talk with Santa about him regifting your things... Maybe he's losing his marbles...