Saturday, December 18, 2010

Play Dates and Dinner at Grandma's

This past Sunday was my grandparent's annual tree-trimming party! We were very very late - my car died and David had to go get a new battery - but we made it and ended up having a good time anyways. The tree was already decorated, but there was another box of ornaments out so Amber and Jade finished up. Afterwards, they pulled out a few games/toys I remember from my own childhood - and I'm sure also from my dad's!
I didn't get a picture - but the angel on top of the tree is the same one my dade made in kindergarten! It's been on my grandparent's tree every year since then. Maybe someday I'll inherit it as it would be a very special way to remember my dad.
Tinker Toys! So fun!
This witch puzzle was my absolute favorite!

Paisley and I went to play at Molly's house on Tuesday. She and Lucas are becoming good little friends and had a lot of fun playing next to each other. Molly made them a picnic lunch; it was sooo cute to see them eating together! A while after this picture, Lucas ran over the food trays in his cool tractor. What a maniac! Hahaha!

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