Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

So far we've gotten the tree up, strung the lights on the house, and decorated the inside of our home. Things I have left....wrap the presents, uh - finish buying the presents (lol), bake super yummy treats! I think I'll start wrapping what I've got already tonight or tomorrow. And I may possibly start baking today or tomorrow as well. Or it may have to wait till next week. I'll just have to play that one by ear. As for buying presents.....yeah, that's being played by ear as well. I am mostly done with Amber and Jade. Just need Santa to do his part. And I bought Paisley her first present just today. She's really excited about it. It's a baby stroller. And the box had a pic of a baby in the stroller. If you don't know Pie, there's absolutely NOTHING she'd rather play with than a baby doll. So walking down that particular aisle at Walmart/Target without ending with a meltdown (cause I won't give her a baby) is quite difficult. But she was quite pleased when I put the box into the cart today. =) As for David and I, well, David already got his present - a new tire on his car. And my present will be me painting the house in Buckeye for new renters. Merry Christmas to me! Anyways, here's some pics of what's been done so far.

Our tree is kinda sparse this year. I didn't want to put my glass ornaments on cause Paisley is a very grabby baby. Maybe next year when she can control herself longer than 30 seconds.

Jade unwrapping all the nativity pieces

One of the only things we have of David's mom's is this nativity. We absolutely adore it.

David starting the lights. I forgot to take a pic of the house with the lights on, so I'll do that tonight and post it. Along with some other fun little things around the house.

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Bowman-Blog said...

Cute! I like the picture with you in it. You look pretty!