Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Other News:

Jade made this pillow for her Bobo. She did such a great job on it! She did ALL the sewing, cutting, and even stuffed it herself!

This apron was made by Amber for her Grandma. It not only has pockets, but there's also darts, tricky "L" seams, and facing she did by herself! We started out a bit rough, but Amber quickly got the hang of it and did a super job!

I made these for the girls. Obviously. haha They're wood plaques to hang in their rooms. The letters and black pictures were from my mom's cricut back in July. I didn't want to put their names up on the doors or walls since we don't own this home, so thought this would be a fun/cute way to display them.

And one more thing....I don't have any pictures yet, but I now fit into size 6 jeans!!! Hoorah! This is a major accomplishment for me. The last time I wore a 6 was before I got married 10 years ago!


Bowman-Blog said...

Just for the record, Bobo LOVES the pillow! He says it's the perfect size and he uses it a lot. I love my apron and am amazed at how good of a job Amber did on it. It's not a simple apron. And Lissa, I love the names. They turned out really cute!

Amanda said...

Wow! Your girls are really talented... but that's not hard with a Mom like you! Congrats on fitting into 6's!!! You are so awesome :)