Saturday, December 4, 2010

The End of November

Haven't blogged in awhile. Well, haven't done a "real" blog in awhile. So time to play catch up! Here's some pics I took at the end of November:
My monkey enjoying a dum-dum

She really likes dum-dums....

Jaders reading a Berenstein Bears book

Amber taking a break from Christmas decorating to....practice the piano?? lol

One of Paisley's favorite toys. Tell her to go find the stacking rings and she'll wander through the house till she has them all and the tower. =)

Her "Woa!" face. LOVE it!

She's a girl. 'Nough said.

For Thanksgiving this year, Paisley was conveniently sick, sick, sick. So instead of driving to my step-mom's home, she came here. Along with my step-siblings. We had a very nice dinner with all the yummy traditional food and had a good time visiting. But....of course I fogot to take any pics. Lame. I know. =)

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