Monday, March 7, 2011

White Tanks

Saturday morning we joined Zach and Tai on a fun hike in the White Tanks. Growing up in the east valley, I've hiked Superstition Mountains more times than I can count, but had never even heard of the White Tank Mountains till we lived in Buckeye. The weather was just gorgeous outside and David had suggested going to a spring training baseball game to enjoy the outdoors. But Zach called and said they were going hiking and I convinced David to change plans. I'd soooo much rather go on a hike than to a baseball game. Especially with all the girls. The hike was pleasant and easy - Paisley walked part of the way up without complaint and Amber and Jade had fun walking with their cousins. The trail took us to a "waterfall". More like a "watertrickle". lol It IS Arizona afterall.... Tai told me the water was much higher last year, which is sad, but also expected. We don't really get much rainfall in the first half of the year here. But there was enough water left for a small pool and the water was still trickling down the mountain. David wanted to climb up to see what was on top. He had quite an audience, too! One guy waited to see if he would make it, and when he did, the guy followed David up. haha And then Amber wanted up, too, so David helped her. By the time they were ready to come down, there were at least 10-15 people watching to see if he would make it down with Amber without falling into the pool. And despite some catcalls (Zach!), David made it down - with Amber on his back - perfectly dry!

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rozanny said...

This looks like a blast! And I love the picture of all of you at the top!