Friday, March 4, 2011

Park Day!

It's been absolutely GORGEOUS outside this past week! And I've been mildly grouchy. This has a lot to do with the fact I'm stuck at home 90% of the time with no car cause David's car has issues and is out of commision for the time being. So he has no choice but to take mine to work and school. Plus, the times I absolutely HAVE to have the car (grocery shopping, bank, blah, blah, blah....) he ends up coming along. And I love David. Tons. He's a great husband/father/friend and makes me laugh and knows me better than any other person in the world. But......I really really really don't like shopping with him. Cause everything I put in the cart is questioned. But he's allowed to just dump whatever in. Or if I go to Joann's, he keeps up this nonstop chatter about nothing that makes my brain foggy and I start feeling physically ill so we end up leaving with only 1/2 the supplies I needed. And what makes it worse is that I KNOW for a fact he does it on purpose to get out of shopping - at Joann's and in general. Naturally, my first question then is WHY does he insist on coming along if he hates running errands so badly? It's cause he loves me. And can't handle being without me around. Sweet - obnoxiously sweet. Cause how can I possibly argue with that? So time after time we end up running errands together and time after time I get annoyed at his successful attempts at annoying me (haha) and all this makes me GROUCHY!! Poor Amber and Jade have been my most frequent targets of my grouchiness lately so to make it up to them, we went to the park yesterday. The girls had fun running, climbing, jumping, and sliding. Amber took my camera towards the end and Jade had fun being a weirdo the whole way home. She's such a silly girl! Paisley was fascinated with the sand. Yay, sand.... Haha.

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Glenene said...

"Life is better outside"

Glad you had fun at the park!!