Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long Post, No Pictures

This is probably going to be long and boring for 99% of whoever reads it, but I just wanted (needed) to type. But, I DID warn you with the title. =p This past week or two have been pretty uneventful. That's basically why there haven't been many new posts. Cause there's really not much worth blogging about. So what in the world have we been doing? Hmmm.....
I've been sewing more lately. After finishing Jade's Ariel costumes and her "special birthday" dress, I made Amber two dresses for spring/summer - she's outgrown nearly all her dresses, two dresses for Paisley, a pretty pink cape for Rai's bday, and a skirt for a friend's bday. Next up, I sold another formal dress on ebay for a teenager going on a cruise with her family next month, I'm sewing an apron and chef's hat for my cute niece (along with another bday surprise), then Easter dresses for my girls and myself. I'm headed to Joann's on Thursday for patterns and fabric for everything but Easter dresses. I have everything I need for those already. What else......?
Our pool turned a nice shade of pond green after the spring "storms" we had. But I bought the chemicals I needed today, vacuumed and backwashed several times, dumped it all in, and now it's blue again. Paisley had fun following me around the pool pretending to throw things in just to get a reaction from me. Turkey.
While we're (well, I.....) on the subject of Pie, I've been actively potty training her for the past two days. It wasn't really my idea - it was purely hers. Yesterday morning she just out of the blue started telling me she needed to go potty. And every time she sat on her potty, she peed. And her diaper was dry in between, too! So today I got a package of the cheapest pull-ups I could find, and she kept that dry all morning. Just to see how she would do, I took off the pull-up after her nap and just put a diaper cover on her buns and told her they were big girl panties. And my happy-to-be-big girl kept it dry the whole afternoon! Woohoo! I guess we'll see how long this lasts, but I'm really hoping it lasts forever. Now if only I could find teeny tiny panties to fit on her teeny tiny bum...... (she still wears her old 6-12mo diaper covers under dresses that didn't come with one) *I just came back from checking on her cause she was crying in bed - I picked her up, she said, "potty" so I took her to the bathroom, her pull-up is dry, and she peed in her potty almost immediately after I sat her on it. Yay! =D
Okay, moving on. I did a new puzzle last night/this morning. It took a long time cause there's bunches of flowers all over the darn thing! But it was fun cause it's a hidden objects puzzle. And yes, I found all the hidden objects. lol But then I got upset cause when Paisley was in her naughty-baby mode, and I was not in the room, she climbed up onto a chair and tore it apart throwing handfuls of pieces on the floor. And the second I found her, she got the guiltiest look on her face, jumped down, and ran away......giggling. Grrrr!!!
I'm trying to think if I've left anything out...... YES! I did. Our ward's Young Women had a Girl's Camp Fundraiser ward activity variety show. Amber played the piano - a different song, and David participated with choice elder's quorum friends. I actually have videos of both of these and will post them tomorrow at some point. The bishopric had a HILARIOUS skit! Everyone was dying laughing so hard! I don't have it on video, but I do have a picture I'll post tomorrow as well.
Other than all this, we've all just been living. David's car is still undriveable so I'm still stuck at home most of the time. I get frustrated trying to plan my errands around his busy schedule, but sometimes it comes in handy not having a car so I can't run his errands for him if he's running short on time. So I guess it's a mixed blessing? haha Amber and Jade are doing great in school - they both have straight A's and wonderful comments from their teachers. They had field day last week and they both had lots of fun. The water balloon toss was both their favorite activity. And they enjoyed popsicles for a snack. David is also doing well in school. He has finals next week and then he'll have a break from school till the 18th. We're planning a trip to Cali on the 14-17th. Hoping to take the girls to Disneyland for the first time. And we'll get to see Shelley since she moved there last week. Can't wait!

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