Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Bits of Happiness

I'm getting a little behind on this here blog lately and I didn't want these sweet moments to get lost.
Paisley LOVES to color. We are constantly taking pens/markers/crayons/pencils away from her cause she doesn't really care what kind of paper it is she's coloring on. It could be a scrap paper (which is preferable). It could be homework that's due. Or a paper needing to be signed and turned in. Or a book - coloring or reading. But she's pretty good about sticking with whatever it is she's given. So as long as she's handed something to color on before she finds her own paper, I'll let her keep her pen/marker/crayon/pencil. Oh - and she uses both hands equally well for coloring, eating, throwin, etc. If she keeps it up, Miss Pie may become the first ambidextrous person I know!

Amber got this fun kit to make little cloth flowers to decorate a bag (which also came with the kit) for her birthday. She was really in-my-face-bugging me the other day so I offered to teach her how to use it. Cue "Instant Excitement" please! I had her go pick out a scrap of fabric from my sewing stuff, then taught her how to thread and knot a needle. And even though it took her awhile, she finished sewing all the way around using the guide thingy included in the kit and made a very sweet little flower. Where it is right now? I don't have a clue....

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