Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Dresses and a Coat

Hmm...not a very creative title, but to the point at least. I finally finished all three girls' Christmas dresses this morning. I love them! And the girls love them, too. Bonus! Amber and Jade are at school, so they obviously can't model their dresses for me. But Paisley had no choice. lol Here they are:

This is Amber's. It's more green than blue outside of cameraworld. The shrug is fully lined in the same green taffeta.

Jade's has a shrug, too, I just wanted to show the dress. Amber's and Jade's are exactly the same.
This year, the girls are all getting new coats for Christmas. I've only done Paisley's so far. Amber's is next up on my list. Here's Paisley's - and it is adorable on her!!
Zebra "fur" on the outside...

Hot pink satin on the inside! Even the sleeves are lined. Not one single seam is showing anywhere.

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Diane said...

Beautiful! you are amazing. I wish I could do this for my girls.