Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Early Christmas

David and I were wandering around Goodwill today and he found this totally complete and working sewing table - machine and chair included! I thought it was just a cute desk, but he opened it up and flipped the machine out. I started opening the drawers and was surprised to find one stocked with assorted thread, bobbins, and needles for the machine, another had the original owner's manual and accessory kit, and a third held some knitting needles, tracing paper, and a mallet. Not sure what the mallet is for.... Everything is in pristine condition - even the booklet. There's no fuzz or dust on the machine, no stains in the book. We plugged it in at Goodwill to see if it worked and sure enough, it turned right on and the needle went up and down when the pedal was pressed. So cool! And only $50! What a steal! The machine itself is a Sears Kenmore 158.17570 which means next to nothing to me other than I know Kenmore is a good brand in general. I trust their dishwashers and laundry appliances. lol The desk is solid and sturdy with minimal signs of wear, but Dave and I are still going to sand it down and refinish it. Upon furth investigation, I discovered it not only does basic straight/zig-zag/buttonhole/zipper stitching, but it also has several decorative embroidery design plates! And.....a button plate to machine-sew buttons on! Woohoo!!! Merry Christmas to me indeed! Thanks, Davey!
This is how it was in Goodwill. I thought it was a cute desk for one of the kids' rooms.

But then David unfolded it and popped the machine out of the middle! That bad boy is heavy, too!

The instruction manual is funny. The very first page starts with, "Dear Homemaker, You have just invested in a very fine zig zag sewing machine." Hahaha!! On another page, it says, "You will find that much of your sewing is in the mending category." Oh, how politically incorrect this little booklet is. I LOVE it! All those gray discs are the different embroidery designs. I just flip open the top of the machine, pop one in, and sew away! There's even a few that use an optional double-needle with 2 different thread colors! Can you tell I'm excited to play? =)


Lani said...

I have an almost identical sewing desk, but the (super heavy) machine in mine is a White brand. How funny!

rozanny said...

WAY CUTE! That is an awesome find!

ballerina girl said...

Awesome! I have a sewing table like that, but didn't come with a sewing machine or chair. What a good find!