Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paisley's Newest Phrases

I always find it funny when my kids use phrases they've heard from their mother. Cracks me up. Mostly cause I don't swear so there's no danger in them letting something slip. Nothing worse than "crap" or "suck" anyways. I can handle that. Anyways, here's a couple gems Paisley has picked up:

"I need chocolate!!!" - this is usually yelled as a sippy cup is chucked at my head and is also very quickly followed by a very, very cheesy "Pleeeease??" lol
"What the?" - when she's surprised by something or confused why something is happening
"Don't talk to Daisy!" - haha this is when she's in trouble and doesn't want to hear it. She always has a major scowl on her face and her arms crossed. Btw - she calls herself "Daisy".
"Just go do it, *name of sibling*!" - when she's feeling bossy
"Noooo!!! Not Daisy's bottom!" - when someone's chasing her through the house pinching her bum. Or just threatening to. She's usually giggling and grabbing her bum with at least one hand to protect it.
She calls her nipples "bumps" and if anyone mentions anything about bumps in general, she lifts her shirt up as fast as she can and starts pinching them. So weird!
Also, if there's any lull in conversation in the car, she'll probably start yelling something about either duck poo or dragon poo. Amber started her on the duck poo....not sure where the dragon poo comes from though.

This kid cracks me up. =)

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