Saturday, November 5, 2011

October Randoms

Obviously this post is for the random happenings (or non-happenings) from October. =) I know you think I'm funny.
She had so much fun playing with Amber and Jade's Petshops. Paisley has started collecting things in purses lately. It's pretty funny to see what she finds is worthy for her bag sometimes. I've found scraps of fabric, broken pencils, rocks, and lots of random toys.

One of the "big" rainstorms we had last month killed Raphael's home. We're in the process of building him a new one before it's too cold and he freezes.

Balloon volleyball! Believe it or not, all three girls had a blast playing together for over an hour before bedtime!

Paisley likes to "help" me sew. She sticks all my pins into fabric scraps after telling me what color they are. She always so proud of herself for "helping Mommy"

Today we are getting our family pictures taken by the fabulous Allison so I will post those once they are done being edited. =)

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