Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's what we did this weekend:
The weather's been nice

This is at my cousin Amy's house where we had Thanksgiving dinner. Paisley was sharing with Grandpa Robertson. =)

On Friday, David wanted to take us to a pizza place he passes in downtown Glendale all the time. As we got closer, it became evident there was something going on. We had to park a couple blocks from the pizza place since the street was closed to all traffic. Well, right across the street from the resaurant, a whole carnival was set up in a park filled with lighted trees! So of course after dinner we went on some rides and bought fresh doughnuts and hot chocolate. What a fun impromtu family activity!

Paisley was quite excited to go on the "dapple ride"

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rozanny said...

I miss grandma and Grandpa!