Monday, December 12, 2011

Paisley Is So Stubborn!

My friend is the music lady for Primary and nursery. For nursery, she has bags of props for all the songs they sing and she allows the kids to take turns choosing a bag. Paisley's favorite song by far is the "duck song". She chooses is every time. Now, my friend used to have several different ducks in the bag that didn't match at all. One was a big "mama" duck and another was a little keychain duck that quacked when a button was pushed. The quacking baby duck was Paisley's favorite. She'd get all giggly holding it and would sing her little heart out. That is, until my friend decided all the ducks should be the same and took out the specials. Since that day, Paisley has refused to sing any of the songs. She just sits there. She'll still take her turn choosing, and will choose the duck song, but when she can't find the quacking baby duck in the bag, she promptly sits back down and won't sing. It's been a few months now. Yesterday after church as we walked into the house, I asked Paisley about class.
"Did you have fun in class?"
"Did you color?" 
"Did you eat your snack?"
"Did you sing?"
At this point, Paisley lifted her head off my shoulder, looked me in the face, and very seriously said, "No. No mama duck. No baby duck."
Hahahaha!! So our theory on why Paisley won't sing has been proven correct. What a funny, stubborn little thing I'm raising!

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