Sunday, December 11, 2011

Super Fun Weekend

David and I went out Friday day to celebrate our anniversary. We dropped Paisley off at a friend's then went to see "Breaking Dawn". It was pretty cheesy, but we both survived. lol We were going to get lunch after, but neither one of us was very hungry, so we did a little Christmas shopping instead. I always enjoy spending time with David.
Saturday we spent as a family. We started early with breakfast at IHOP (mmmmm!!!), then headed to the mall to make Shyla a Build-a-Bear from all of us for Christmas. We also got David some new shoes - he's had his current ones for 3yrs and they're falling apart - and took the girls to see "Arthur Christmas". Paisley was predictably difficult as it was past her naptime, but with lots of popcorn and trips to the bathroom, we managed it. The girls had a lot of fun and are excited for Shyla to fall in love with her new (and only) animal. Amber and Jade both worked on puzzles till dinnertime then had fun helping me feed a fire outside with old bills and checkbooks. I sure love our weekends together!

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