Friday, December 23, 2011

A Week of December Delights

We've had a very busy week full of December fun! Let's see.... last Thursday the Andersen's came to help us decorate Christmas cookies. I made 5 dozen sugar cookies and frosting in red, white, and green. I also had sprinkles, frosting writers, and chocolate chips to use. We had a lot of fun being VERY creative!

On Friday, Dave and I kept the girls out of school and we headed to Mesa to spend the afternoon baking goodies with Nana. We made peanut brittle, more sugar cookies, and walnut fudge. Mmmmm!

I finished decorating/cleaning Shyla's room at some point.

And made yet another Rapunzel dress for one of David's co-student's daughter. I like this one the bestest.

Last night (Thursday) David and I went to the Lefler's annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party! We had such a great time. Pretty much all of our ward friends were there, the food was delicious, and the white elephant gift exchange had me almost peeing my pants from laughing so hard! Neither Dave or I won the ugly sweater contest this year, but we still had a blast! Thanks, Lefler's!

While we were partying, someone ding-dong-ditched our house and left several very heavy presents on our doorstep! We opened them up early this morning to find some food storage items, diapers for Shyla, treats, and some little presents for the girls. What a wonderful Christmas surprise! We are truly grateful to our Secret Santa for helping us get our food storage going! We are blessed.

Once we were all dressed, we had breakfast at IHOP (yeah, it's our favorite). Then Jade went with David to do court runs and serves for the day while I took Amber and Paisley to get their nails painted. Afterwards, I helped Amber hang the snowflakes they made with the babysitter last night up in her bedroom.

And now I'm all caught up....till tomorrow anyways!
Oh, one last thing. Shyla's joining us on Monday morning!!! I have a c-section scheduled for 9:30am Monday the 26th. I'm soooo excited to have her out and with us finally! But not so much for the c-section. I'm not a fan. I'd much rather not have one. But since Shyla baby's being so stubborn and not coming on her own, and I'm impatient to begin with, it's time to force her out. Look for pics on Monday! =)

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Lani said...

What a fun week! Sorry about the c-section, but excited to see pics of Shyla soon :) I hope the recovery goes well for you!