Friday, March 23, 2012


Today, David's sister, Lila came and watched ALL 4 girlies so Dave and I could go see Hunger Games! How sweet is that?? Thankfully, Shyla slept almost the entire time and when she did wake up, she was just perfectly content. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lila!!!
This week has been spring break for Amber and Jade. As much as I love having them home, it sure makes it hard to get anything done around here! I've seriously tried to clean out closets and bedrooms, but I haven't had much success. Too many crazies running around.... Like right now as I'm typing, Amber, Jade, and Paisley are literally wrestling right in front of me. Amber's throwing Paisley's blanket at Jade who's running around yelling like a lunatic while Paisley is recovering on the floor after tripping over a pillow and crash-landing on a wii controller. It's wild right now. Makes me really, really glad that bedtime is in less than an hour. Argh! Also, Amber's hermit crab she got for Christmas died so now she's off to go bury him. But Jade is running away from Paisley who is trying to catch Jade with a bead necklace - but they're running circles around David who's trying to get out the backdoor to help bury the dead crab. Special. This is pretty much how it's been all week. So I've gotten very little done this week. Starting Monday, it WILL be better! I have Amber's and Jade's Easter dresses to finish, the towel closet to clean out, Paisley's closet to finish cleaning, and I really super want to rearrange bedrooms - again. I know. I have problems. Well, here's the couple random pics:
One very sweet baby all ready for church.

And Jade - trying out the "spinnability" of her pretty birthday skirt Aunt Shelley sent! I think it spins.... lol

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Bowman-Blog said...

I used to love spring break. We usually went somewhere or did something fun. Love the skirt!