Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Randoms and Paint

Here they are, folks - all the random pics I never posted for February:
We started removing the fence in the backyard. So far we've managed to dig out only 2 poles. This is because they're are buried in 3ft of cement! Talk about overkill! Our goal is to get 2 out each week.

I think it's funny how involved the 3 oldest "kids" are with Amber's kindle and the little 2 know to smile when they see a camera. =)

We decorated Valentine's cookies with the Anderson's. Sure miss these girls! 

Paisley and Shyla LOVE playing with puzzles!

They also enjoy burying Daddy in clover....

These styrofoam blocks were in the packaging for the guest shower. They are slightly sticky on one side and Papa had fun sticking them to Paisley (who clearly did NOT like it) and Shyla. Shyla's face is classic - "What the heck is on my face??"

Now on to the "Paint" portion of this post. WE ARE NEARLY DONE WITH THE GUEST ROOM/BATH! So close I can taste it! The bedroom is actually basically done. I painted it yesterday so all we have left in there are the baseboards and trim, then carpet. 
Prepped for paint!

Sooo pretty! I'm pretty proud of myself how straight the lines are. You should be, too! =) 

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