Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jaders!

Jade celebrated her 9th birthday a day early this year. Lucky girl! Zach and Tai came over Wednesday to spend the night so we invited the rest of the Cresap clan (and Jami) over for dinner and cake. Although the morning began with a death (poor Cookies the ferret was found dead in the cage) and funeral, the rest of the day was pleasant and full of (mostly) fun! 
These kiddos all got along really well this visit! Very surprising considering Amber and Logan fight pretty consistently every time they are around each other. But not a single fight had to be refereed the entire visit!

Shyla had an itchy bum. lol

Jocy thought the tether ball was a fun ride

Jade is such a pleasant and cheerful girl to be around. She makes friends everywhere she goes. It's truly a blessing to be her mom! Love you, Jade!

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