Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fire Station and Dance Contest

Today was a great day. This morning Paisley, Shyla, and I went with our ward's Wednesday morning playgroup to tour the Avondale Fire Station. Paisley was very excited to see the fire trucks! Fire Pal Sue and Engineer Alley were so great with all the little kids. Together they showed our group all their equipment and where it's kept in the trucks. I wish we could have seen a drill, but maybe with so many little kids around it might not have been super safe. We had a great time!

This evening, Amber's grade (5th) had a dance contest. In music class for the past several weeks, the kids have been learning different dances. The district is having a contest so tonight, her school had their preliminaries. Amber and her partner didn't make into the finals, but she sure had fun dancing anyways! They did the swing, the waltz, and the cha cha. =)
Paisley had fun playing with a rubber band....

My other two bored kiddos. Shyla was actually pretty funny. She kept standing on Jade's chair behind her, then shoving Jade off the chair and growling at her. Every time Jade would try to sit back down, Shyla smacked and pushed her away. Silly, tyrant baby!

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