Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Spring doesn't last very long here in Arizona. And our spring is other people's summer. Here in the spring, we break out the slip n' slide, go for walks, go to the zoo, and play all day in the sun. This is what we like to do:
We were blessed with a wet spring this year. The girls had so much fun splashing in this muddy puddle! 

I need to get this little girl a swimsuit! =)

Slip n' slide time! 
Raph wanted a turn, too... 

David and I went on a date Friday night and when we got home, we found all three big girls sound asleep in the guest room!

At the zoo with cousins 
Shyla was sad she was too young to ride the camel with her sisters. 

Last night we adopted 2 cocker spaniels from the animal shelter. They are brothers so we got them both for the price of one dog. Scooter is Amber's and Sammy is Jade's. This morning we woke up to no dogs in the backyard! After a frantic search this morning, we finally received a phone call from the shelter telling us someone in our neighborhood found them! We were so glad to get them back!

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rozanny said...

So much fun to be had!