Friday, March 15, 2013


We finally finished the guest room and bath! I cannot even accurately express in words how excited I am about this! It's done! And it's been slept in! Zach and Tai were kind enough to christen it for us Wednesday night. Although none of them used the shower.... Maybe I will on Sunday. lol Here's the finished (and nearly there) room:
Gluing up the shower walls

Putting in the travertine

Dee helped David with the tile until 1am!

Baseboards up and ready for carpet

Just needs to be grouted and painted

New vanity and light. And I used an old mirror I had in Jade's room

LOVE the backdoor! 

Picked up the dresser and desk on craigslist for a total of $22! Woohoo! I'm going to sand and restain the dresser, and paint the desk red.

Just another view

The shower is so cool! 

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