Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paisley's Stats

Finally got around to taking Paisley to her 4month check-up. Hahahaha! She turns 5 months on Friday..... Oh well. Such is life - right? She's a healthy, perfect little thing despite being late to every check-up so far.
Weight: 13lbs ~ 24%
Height: 25.5in ~ 81%
Head: 16in ~ 29%

But I ran these stats through an online calculator for a 5 month old and they drop dramatically. Soooo....she's a really tall 4 month old, but on Friday when she's 5 months she's only in the 55%. And for weight as a 5 month old, the percentage drops to 8%. My conclusion is she's a tall, thin, beautiful, happy baby who knows she's very much loved. =)

Since we moved and I can put her on the floor more, she's rolled over several times and lately she pops up to her hands and knees to rock. So far she only travels backwards and sideways, but hopefully she'll eventually get going forwards as well. Paisley is interested in everything and tries to grab everything. When she's successful, whatever she has goes straight into her mouth. Cell phones, my camera, hair, cat's tails, restraunt drink coasters, cat food; you name it, she eats it. Gotta love this little boogerhead! =)

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