Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New House Pictures

Okay. I finally convinced David to arrange to meet at the new house with the realtor so I can walk through it again and take pictures. So here they are:

The Pool!
This is the Playroom

Paisley's Room

Master Bedroom. I'm standing in the bathroom and Jade is coming from the doorway.

Master Bathroom is small....but how much time is actually spent in there???

The Living Room from the Front Door

Laundry Area leads out to the carport. The dryer goes on the other side. There's also another cabinet over there.

The Kitchen

The grass part of the backyard. Over on the left, there's also a firepit and bricks. The pool is on the right.

Guest Bath

The Family Room. I'm standing in the Dining Room

The Family Room. Now I'm standing in the Living Room

The Dining Room

Amber and Jade's Room. It's pretty big. Big enough to seperate their bunk bed into two beds with their desk in between and their big dresser on the other wall.
I'm very excited to move here cause the location is AWESOME!!! Everything we need is less than 5 miles away. Fry's and Walmart are both 1/2 mile, Target, Joann's, and Old Navy are like 3 or 4, the movie theater and mall are both about the school is literally around the corner. It's waaaay closer to David's school and work. The neighborhood looks great. We saw lots of cute kids riding bikes and playing in front yards. Yea!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I LOVE it. I want to come for a swim. : p Where are you guys located at now?