Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Updates

Okay...I have about a million things and pictures to get caught up on. Having no internet for a week really got me behind! Oh, and possibly the move played some part in that as well. First things first. We moved last Friday the 18th. It took 2 trips, 2 trailers (my dad's and a UHaul trailer), 6 people, and 12 hours to get about 95% of all our stuff. Dang we've accumalated a lot of stuff over the last 9 years! This is first time in about 5 years I've actually had to pack a single thing and I decided I don't enjoy packing. It's not fun. At all. Unpacking is fun. Even loading is fun. But packing....not so much. Anyways, all we have left at our Buckeye house is a few random odds and ends; a bench, our stone lion, David wants to take our dog gate, a pillow, Amber's "Bobby" (her baby blanket), our camping stuff in the attic, and that's pretty much it. So we'll go back over there probably Tuesday or Wednesday and enlist Zach's help (he has use of his friend's truck for the time being) and get it all back here. Our new place is WONDERFUL!!! I'm really loving it! It makes me a little sad we didn't find a place just like it to begin with last year when we moved here. The location is great, the layout is awesome, and it makes me happy to think of the years we'll spend here. Here's some pictures of the move.

Now I realize this is not the next thing that was actually one of the first. But too bad, so sad. Amber and Jade had their Christmas Concert at school on the 15th. The both did awesome. They sang their little hearts out and made me proud. I did take videos of both of them...but it takes FOREVER to download them onto youtube, so maybe later I'll have to add them in. We'll see.

Okay. This is really out of order. Here is officially the first thing I should have posted about. Our Cresap Family Christmas Party. On Sunday the 13th, we all went over to Lila's house and had fun eating, visiting, and opening presents. After the kids opened their presents, the adults played the gift exchange game. I ended up with goblets, chocolate covered pretzels, hershey kisses, and a martinelli. David got a pregnancy test, bubblebath, and a loofah. Hahaha! Too funny.

Here's the last thing I'm blogging about today. Decorating the Christmas tree. Zach and Tai brought us our tree and decorations along with the cats on Sunday the 20th. We roasted marshmallows over our firepit (but somehow I lost those pictures. Still not really sure how.....) and decorated the tree. Then we let the kids exchange gifts they had gotten each other from the dollar store. Sometimes kids are so easy to please! =)

I'll blog Christmas another day. I'm still wiped out and have laundry to do today. Along with unpacking more boxes..... Wish me luck!

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Christy said...

What??? didn't you just move??? You're not military anymore are you? what are you doing moving? I need to check in on you more often. your kiddies are totally cute! so much fun you've been up to. I hope you didn't move just for something to do and so you would have new rooms to decorate. hahaha