Thursday, December 3, 2009

Funny Story

The other day, Tai was going to the store and I was going to stay home with all the kiddos. Just for fun, I told Amber I was going, too, and that she was going to be left in charge of all the kids. I told her that Paisley was sleeping and to listen for her. If she woke up, Amber needed to get her out of the crib and play with her till I got home. I told her NOT to open the door if someone knocked even if she knew who it was. And then Tai and I went outside. We stood out there for a minute or so and then rang the doorbell. We made ourselves flat against the door so the kids couldn't see who it was if they looked out the front window. And then we waited. And waited. And rang the bell again. And waited. And then we heard the kids talking in the front room. So we knocked on the door. We heard Amber tell the little kids not to answer the door. They talked some more. So Tai and I rang the bell and knocked some more. Someone got a bench to peek through the peephole so I put my thumb over it. We heard Logan tell everyone that whoever was at the door put their finger over the hole. Then they decided we were robbers. So I jiggled the handle and they ran away. So Tai and I rang the bell and knocked some more. Finally Amber came and asked who it was. I used my "man" voice and told her to open the door. She said she couldn't open the door cause her Mommy was gone and she was in charge of the kids. Then I asked how old she was and she said she's 7. Hahahaha! Then I told her I was going to call the police. In a worried voice she asked why and I said it's cause she's too little to be in charge. Every single child immediately burst into tears at this. Tai and I took pity on them and walked in to let them know it was just us. Amber was the most scared cause she didn't want to go to jail for being too little. Poor girl! But I'm very proud of her for not opening the door and not letting the little kids open it either. Way to follow directions! And now I know that when the time comes and she is old enough, I'll have no problem trusting her to follow the rules while I'm out. =)


Tera Amsbury said...

Yeah, except that she tells everyone no adults are home and she is only 7.

Bowman-Blog said...

That was mean. Poor girl.