Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Fun Party

All you Lame-o's who skipped Paisley's party really lost out! Despite the rain, we had a fantastic luau! We even had tiki torches and Hawaiian music playing. Thankfully there wasn't any lightening so the kids (and a few adults) had fun swimming and throwing water balloons at each other. I, unfortunately, was stuck in the kitchen for the balloon fight so no pics. Booo! lol There was plenty of fruit and dip, kabobs, jumbo shrimp, pudding pies, and of course an ultra fabulous volcano birthday cake made by my dear friend Fawn. It was amazing! And Paisley thoroughly enjoyed destroying it. She got a lot of really fun toys and adorable clothes/bows. By far, her favorite presents are the twin baby dolls from Nana (she's dragged them EVERYWHERE and insisted on bringing one to church this morning!), the giraffe bike from us, and a cell phone from Auntie Lila. She wore a sweet dress from my friend Molly to church, bows from Auntie Shelley, and afterwards, even sat down to try putting a puzzle together. Her Uncle Chris got her two Curious George collections and Pie likes finding the monkey on each page.

Paisley is such a wonderful little baby. She's always been mostly pleasant (we all have our moments) and cheerful and so happy to see her family. She adores her sisters and is constantly mimicking their play. And though she can get quite snotty at times, Paisley has such a good, sweet, even-temper, you can't help but just love her. I'm so grateful my Heavenly Father entrusted her to our care!

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