Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School

I know! I'm almost a whole week late with this one! Sorry! Monday was Amber and Jade's 1st day back to school. They both had a great day and made new friends. This is a big deal for Amber cause for some reason she always has a hard time making friends. But she has a new one! Her name is Shelby and they play together at every recess. =) Jade's a little social butterfly so I never really need to worry about her. They both like their teachers this year so that makes getting them off to school easier.

Amber - 3rd Grade

Jade - 1st Grade


Mostly Diane said...

cute girls!

Anonymous said...

awe they are so cute and I'm glad they are both enjoying school!

Glenene said...

They are growing up! So cute!!