Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soooo LATE!!!

Ummm....David's b-day was almost a week ago - August 14. And I'm lame. I admit this. And the first step to any kind of growth is admitting your weaknesses - right? Yes. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID!!! We had such a great day last Saturday! After a morning of pretty much doing nothing, we drove out to Mesa to drop the girls off at Jami's house. She very kindly volunteered to watch them for us so Davey and I could go OUT!

We met up with some Peoria friends at the temple, did a session, then went out for Mexican food! Sooo much fun!!! And soooo YUMMY!!! We laughed and talked the entire evening.

And David got free birthday flan! Oh, man! It was delicious!

Instead of just picking up the girls and heading home (it was already 8pm by the time we left the restaraunt and it's a good 45min drive home from Mesa), we ended up staying and visiting with Jami till 11! Amber and Jade were awake the whole time but luckily, Jami had put Pie down at 7 and she slept till we had to wake her up to put her in the car. On Sunday, I made David a nice birthday dinner and invited the Bishop's family (they just happen to be the Bishop's family.....they really are pretty good friends!) to have cake and ice cream with us.

Somehow David managed to blow out all his candles..... =)

I'm so lucky to have David in my life. He's such a great husband and father! I'll always be grateful for the hard work he does so I can be home and raise our girls. And though he likes making a game out of annoying me sometimes, I know he just does it cause he loves me and wants my attention. (Hopefully he doesn't read this and think it's an excuse for him to keep annoying me! Hahaha!) Love you, Davey!


Katie said...

FREE FLAN! Ohhhh that is a good birthday present!

Amber said...

I loved this post. Totally made me laugh about him annoying you. Too cute.