Friday, August 13, 2010

Paisley's 1 Year Stats

Weight - 17lbs 7oz = 4%
Height - 30in = 73%

What our little stringbean is doing:
Swimming (sorta - definately NOT drown proof yet - but she gets the idea of it)
Sleeping 12-13 hours at night
Knows the finger actions for Itsy Bitsy Spider
     ~when she wants you to sing it for her, she makes a spider and starts "singing". If you don't catch on fast enough, she'll smack you to get your attention and "sing" louder (and snottier)
Knows Patty Cake
     ~she knows all the actions to this one but prefers to have someone else move her hands for her. She'll start with the clapping, then immediately shove her hands into yours and "chirp" until you grab them and do the actions. Pure laziness....
Uses anything with buttons like a phone
Sends random texts to people using my phone (sorry if you've gotten one....or more!)
Knows how to turn on the TV feature on David's phone (which costs $$$ so we really really try to keep his phone away from her!)
Colors on paper
     ~she doesn't care what paper, she'll color on any she finds. If she can't find paper, she'll walk around the house with a crayon/pen/pencil/marker "chirping" until she finds one. If that doesn't work, she'll find someone, grab their hand, and chirp while leading them around the house.
Throws "garbage" away
     ~this is one very good reason I'm glad we have a trashcan with a lid in the kitchen! Anything She considers trash gets thrown away. Every time we go to Tai's house and I catch her going in and out of the kitchen there, I have to go check the trash. I've found all sorts of toys and papers thrown away!
Stacks her stacking cups in the tub
     ~Tera gave her stacking cups at Christmas time and I put them in the tub for Pie to play with. She puts one inside another again and again. If she's trying to put a big one inside a little one and it obviously won't fit, she'll reverse it or find a different cup to try.
Blows her nose
     ~she'll walk around the house with a tissue blowing her nose (but really she's blowing with her mouth)
Gives great hugs and kisses
Loves sitting on counters
If there's at least 1 person reading in the family room, she'll go get a book and join.
When you go get her out of her crib in the morning or after a nap, she'll quickly gather anything she wants to bring with her and hand it to you before reaching up to be picked up. Usually she hands me her blanket, cup, doll, and whatever animal is in there before she'll let me grab her. If I just grab her, she'll freak out while reaching for her stuff.

Words she says:

She'll combine Hi with what/whoever she's talking to: Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Kitty..... She also points at David's scrub pants (he wears scrubs everyday to school) and says Dad! Paisley is a very good mimic. She copies the sound Amber makes blowing her nose, she'll copy anyone crying, and she'll attempt any animal sound you repeat enough.
Paisley also points at things and makes different sounds depending on what she's trying to say. If she points and chirps, she wants it. If she points and grunts, she's telling you to look (her grunt kinda sounds like yoo like "look" with a y and no k). If she points and looks at you, she's asking what it is. If you try to give her something she doesn't want, she shakes her head. And if you try to take something from her she doesn't want you to have, she'll either hold it as far away from you and she can and "chew you out", or she'll run away. Sometimes she'll run to someone else, point at you, and "complain" like she's tattle-telling.

Paisley's favorite foods:
frozen blueberries
frozen peas
hot dogs

She refuses to eat:
more than 1/4 graham cracker
ice cream

I'm still having a hard time accepting that my baby is 1 now. Time just goes by so quickly! I'm so very grateful for this little one and all the happiness and love she brings to our family. Paisley's such a cheerful little thing! David is such an awesome hubby to work so hard to allow me to stay home with my sweet Pie baby!

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Katie said...

Not drown proof yet?! Ha ha! That's a funny way of saying it. My kids wouldn't go near the water until a year ago so they are just barely learning how to swim.