Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Last Week of Summer

Obviously we can't wait. And I really do mean "we". Amber and Jade are extremely excited to head back to school (and I really really am excited they are going!). This last week has been CRAZY trying to get everything together and still have summer fun. I think we've managed though and even have a little bit of a head start for cooler weather. We'll have to deal with that as it comes...and thankfully I have plenty of time before it's cool enough to pull out jeans and long-sleeves. At least another 2-3 months. Anyways, here's some fun pictures from the past week.

This is the aftermath from Pie's b-day party. Amber and Jade shredded leftover plastic leis, tied them around various body parts, then decided to make a spiderweb in the back yard. Paisley had a blast "driving" the car with her babies. She'll be a great mom someday!

So here's Paisley eating a popsicle and brushing her teeth. The face she's making with the popsicle is my very most favorite face she makes ever. And this is the first time I've been able to capture it! LOVE it! The third picture is Amber and Jade sitting on Papa with some cousins. We went to Queen Creek to see David's dad at Alex and Onya's house. The kiddos sure enjoyed torturing him!

More swimming! I ran out of swim diapers (used the last one at the party) so Paisley has been skinny-dipping this whole last week. Don't worry...I bought more yesterday. I'm 98% sure she didn't pee in the pool..... haha!

Here's my sweet girls enjoying Paisley's present from Grandma and Bobo. And yes, Pie's still nudey. =)


Lani said...

I thought we started early, but we don't start until next Monday (the 16th)! Glad you got some fun in :)

Tai said...

hmmmm...did she go stinky in the pool? You didnt give us a percentage on that one.... ;)