Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun With Daddy

I LOVE how much David enjoys his girls! And I LOVE how much they enjoy playing with him! Even though he often chooses inconvenient times to chase them around the house and get them all wound up....I know he only does it cause he doesn't see much of them and really, truly misses them all day.

~I also LOVE freshly bathed babies in pajamas! Especially when they belong to ME!!! =)
My girls start playing "horsie" really young!

Pie's favorite game....CHASE! I don't mind playing it at home - but I sure hate playing it while running errands! And see what I mean about clean, jammie babies?? I just want to squeeze her!

It's a good thing these three have such a good, strong, obedient horse to give them rides all over the house! This horse is especially tolerant of little hands pulling his hair, stinky feet in his face (not this time as the only feet in his face belong to the 2 youngest who've already showered.....), and VERY boney bottoms! (Amber! haha) At this particular point in time, I had already told Amber to get her hiney in the shower - oh, 3 or 4 times...... Had to threaten her with giant, slobbery horsie licks to get her moving. She knows this horse LOVES giving wet licks to disobedient little girls! lol

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